28 .August 2017

Town of Jamestown Indiana Completes Stormwater Utility Study

Although the Town has been taking steps to make strategic investments for the economic development of Jamestown, their attempts are being stalled by the severe Stormwater issues they are facing.
2 .August 2017

KW Consulants Speaking at Prosperity Indiana Event

Kathleen Weissenberger, KW Consultants LLC, will speak at Prosperity Indiana’s – Comprehensive Rural Development event September 2017.
8 .June 2017

Community Development Block Grant Specialist Sought for City-Parish of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Office of Community Development of the City-Parish of Baton Rouge seeks an exceptional professional to serve on its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Team.
6 .May 2017

IBJ Letter: Trump Budget Hits Rural Areas Hard

Many who believe both our deficits and current spending levels are unsustainable are applauding President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that his first budget includes $54 billion in reductions.
22 .March 2017

Rockville Indiana Completes its First Comprehensive Plan Utilizing CDBG Planning Grant from IOCRA

Rockville, Indiana, a small town in west central Indiana utilized a CDBG Planning Grant from IOCRA in the amount of $40,000. This grant allowed the community to complete its first Comprehensive Plan.

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